Aronia & Cancer Prevention

Aronia berries are the newest superfood to be introduced to Australia thanks to Aronia for Life. We are a family run business straight out of NSW who has felt the effects of aronia berries first hand. Native to North America and Europe, we wanted to help bring the aronia berries to Australia to help spread the good word of these small but super foods. 

Used in Native American medicines for centuries, the aronia berry was brewed in teas and preserved and eating especially during the harsh winter months, as they helped to boost the immunity and health of the tribe when they needed it most. 

Aronia berries have the highest level of antioxidants compared to other fruits and vegetables. They have the highest naturally occurring polyphenols – micronutrients that are found to play a vital role in the health and regulations of the body’s systems. 

Studies have found to not only help with immunity and promote overall health, but it has been shown that the aronia berries can help reduce illness and disease that is already present in the body. 

Aronia Berries and Cancer. 

There has been a range of studies on how aronia berries can affect the prevalence of cancer cells in the body.

Aronia berries are one of the richest berries in antioxidants, anti-cancer properties and anti-platelet properties. It’s these anti-platelet properties that may be the key in helping to reduce cancer cells in the human body.

Colon Cancer: A 2004 study investigated the potential of aronia berries, grapes and bilberry extracts on their abilities to prevent cancers, and it was discovered that aronia berries had the highest cancer-inhibitive properties and was actually able to slow the growth of colon cancer cells in rats. The study showed that, after exposing the colon cancer cells to aronia berry extract there was a small decrease in the growth of the cancer cell growth. 

Breast Cancer: A 2009 study on cancer-fighting properties of aronia berries helped to reduce the cell damage in relation to breast cancer. Patients with breast cancer have abnormal platelets which can cause damage particular chemicals and cells in the body such as RNA, DNA and proteins, which may eventually lead to forming certain types of cancer. By lowering the platelet activity in these areas, it may help to reduce any key chemical developments and changes which can cause the growth of cancer cells. 

Pancreatic Cancer: Another study, published in the Journey of Clinical Pathology, saw scientists test to see if aronia berries had an impact of pancreatic cancer cells – the cancer with the highest mortality rate. They observed the cells when treated only with chemotherapy, and then on aronia berry extract alone, and then with a combination of both. The results showed that a combination of chemotherapy as well as regular consumption of aronia berry extract help reduced the cancer growth than just chemotherapy by itself. 

More and more research is being conducted every year in regards to the cancer-fighting properties of aronia berries and so far, it seems to be promising. These ongoing studyies provides a huge insight into the health benefits of aronia berries when consumed regularly. 

Our Products and How to Consume Them for Health. 

Our powder is made from 100% organically grown aronia berries, carefully dried and ground to make our product so all the nutrients stay intact. All you need to consume daily is a tablespoon to enjoy the benefits. Our powder is easy to add to smoothies, breakfasts and yogurts to help you start your day with a healthy kick. 

Our vinegar, made of 100% organically grown cold pressed aronia berry juice has been double fermented, making sure to keep all the nutrients present in our products so you can take them daily and truly see results. All you need is to consume 1 tablespoon per day for health maintenance and illness prevention. You can drizzle the vinegar over your favourite salads, or add to any sauces or cook through dishes to enjoy the unique taste and all the benefits. 

Our Aronia Berry juice is the most popular and easiest product. It is made from 100% organic cold pressed aronia berries. Cold pressing juice helps to protect and preserve all the important nutrients in the berries, which means every mouthful you consume will have the highest quality extracts in them. 

This is important when taking any superfood or supplements if you want to see any health benefits. This, alongside a health and balanced diet, plenty of exercise and looking after your mental health, as well as regular check-ups to the doctor can help you live wholly happy and healthy.