NBA 2k21: Building your My Player Part 2

NBA 2k21: Building your My Player Part 2

Once you decide which type of player you want you need to decide which skills you want to give him, taking into account the fact that these skills must match his build and position. The game lets you select a skill breakdown pie chart that will determine the stats your MyPlayer will begin with and the maximum level he can reach for each of them. The skill breakdown displays four categories of skills, Finishing in blue, Shooting in green, Playmaking in yellow, and Defense/Rebound in red.

Each of these four categories affect some of your MyPlayer attributes. Finishing affects you player’s Close Shot, Driving Dunk, and Standing Dunk attributes. Shooting affect Three-Point Shots and Free Throws. Playmaking is all about the way your player handles the ball and affects attributes like Pass Accuracy and Ball Handle. Finally, Defense / Rebounding is self-explanatory as it affects your player’s Interior Defense and Perimeter Defense as well as Offensive Rebounds and Defensive Rebounds.

The next step when building your MyPlayer is to choose his physical profile. This step is similar to the precedent with three attributes to select via a pie chart. These attributes are agility, which affect your player’s speed and acceleration; strength is the second attribute and determines the ability of you player to win duels; lastly, vertical affect the time your player needs to reach the top of his jumps as well as his ability to perform dunks.

You can then choose the body shape of your player from four presets, burly, built, slight and compact. You can select you player height, weight, wingspan and takeover. When setting these attributes, don’t forget that it will affect your skills. A short player is faster than a tall one who is in turn better at getting rebounds. The weight has the same type of effects as it affects speed, acceleration, vertical and strength. Make sure to select your player’s physical attributes carefully to get the best results.

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